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Why Multiple Web Sites?

Since both web sites are exactly the same, why bother with two?

Some Webmasters will create a "Mirror" image of their web site because it is either faster for those wishing to access it or because they have so much traffic on their site that multiple sites become necessary.

Neither of these scenarios fit my circumstances. I have so little traffic that meters don't even bother to read my site.

Of course the reason could possibly be that the site is getting so large, with so many pages, that two sites are needed to handle the volume. And this is true. What I expected to be a small site with 50 pages tops, has turned into a veritable monster (from my perspective at least) with pages in the thousands, and growing daily.

But it's not the number of pages that is my concern. If this were the case, I would merely cut out some of the pages, and I certainly wouldn't create a situation where I have to double the number of pages I have to deal with.

But size of the web site is the factor that causes me to need another site. Actually not another site, but another web host.

For the past two years I have been using my Internet Service Provider as my host. By doing thus it cost me nothing (except for the cost of the domain) to publish my works on the web. But the limit allotted me by my ISP is 25 Megabytes. Now, to me 25 Megabytes sounds like an unreachable goal. That is two years ago it seemed unreachable.

Now I have reached that size, or at least very near it.

So I searched for a new web host to handle my site. I not only found a web host that provides oodles of space (measured in the Gig abytes), but it also gives me two free domains along with the package.

Thus, multiple web sites.

And if anyone has been aware of my blogs that I have had for over a year that do nothing but point at my site, you are then also aware that "First Trump" is a domain I have been wanting all along.

Besides, this new arrangement allows me to revamp all my studies and stories, something I have been needing (and dreading) to do since the thing became more than a few homey stories.

Also, anyone who has viewed this web site for very long knows that I have other things I want to present as well as the stories. For one thing I want to illustrate some of the stores in Checkerboard and Voices. Also I have charts and diagrams I would like to do for the Bible section, but have not done so because of limited space.

And, of course, I have a few paintings and photos I want to publish (show off is more like it) that will take up gobs of ether.

Besides, this new setup allows me to exercise my "artistic abilities" and present the whole package in a new and different way. I for one am quite pleased with new arrangement. In fact I might say I am rather proud of the presentation.

I suspect there are some out there who will reply: "It doesn't take much to make you happy, does it?"

And perhaps that's true. But I would rather be happy with having done a little than to be miserable because I of never being able to attain my goals.

While on the subject of the two sites, I need to point out that eventually something will have to give on I suspect it will the printable copies of each of the pages that will have to go. Somehow I am going to have to redirect those who wish to download or print the smaller copies, to this, the .info site. Just how I am going to accomplish this I have yet to figure out. I don't want to make duplicates, of course; but there must be a way.

Three years ago I knew absolutely nothing about html or web sites. So I figure if I can learn enough to do what I'm now doing, the solution to my problem should be near at hand.

Multiple web sites. A lot of words wasted to say: "Because I want it that way."










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