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1Judge not, that ye be not judged. 2For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. (Mat 7:)

I find it interesting that almost two years ago I wrote a piece on Critics. I was very harsh with them (in my own estimation) and said no one should listen to them. I have reprinted the piece here:



Hang a large canvas on a wall. Take a can of red spray paint and put blotches anywhere you want on that canvas. Dip a brush, preferably a hairbrush, into a bucket of yellow paint and spread it across the canvas. Once you have this accomplished, stand ten feet from the canvas, close your eyes, and throw a tomato at the canvas.

Now, sign your canvas using large, bold scribble, place a frame around it, give it an obscure name, (preferably one that has no meaning) and hang it in a gallery or an art show.

Then, for fun, stand back, letting no one know that you are the 'artist,' and listen to the comments. In every group that comes by, there will be at least one art "expert," who has self-ordained his/her self as a critic. They will explain in great detail what the artist was trying to say with the painting, what the artist was thinking at the time, what the artist's mood and family situation was, and how successfully he/she was in communicating that mood. And the rest will nod a knowing consent.

And, incidently, that Critic could very likely be an art instructor at the local college.

Critics are everywhere, and in every field. In fact, most critics are experts in every field. If you doubt that statement -- just ask one of them.

Critics have to be right. If you, the artist, tell the Critic that their interpretation of your work is all wrong, you will be castigated as having no knowledge of art or your own intentions.

Never argue with a Critic!

The field of music is not exempt of Critics. And, just as in other fields, Critics Rule.

The field of music has many sub-fields, such as Folk, Country, Jazz, Blues, etc. To this we can also add the music of other cultures that have little similarity to the music that we are accustomed to.

You, a musician, and for this example, you are now a songwriter as well, were to write, let's say, a Folk Ballad. You would probably use one of the established forms, rhythms, instruments and moods of a Folk Ballad. Now it is recognizable as such just by hearing a few bars of the tune.

But you decide that the final bars of the song should sound more uplifting, more Jazzy you might say. So you add some pleasing notes. You don't know what genre of music they belong to, nor do you care, they just sound good.

Happily enough, your song reaches the charts. Maybe it even reaches Number One.

Now comes the fight. The Folk Ballad enthusiasts may like your song, and apparently do since your records are being bought by someone, but greatly resent your deviating from the established strict form. And the Critics have a field day chopping away at your motives and personal failings, saying you know nothing about music and your record shouldn't even be played on the air. That anyone who buys it must be a fool or stone deaf.

But your record stays at the top. Now others have joined in and more records are coming out, hitting the charts, with that same twist you created.

Groupies are converted, Fan Clubs are formed, and some strange name is given to the new "style" you've created.

The Folk Ballad folks now are either shifting to your "new genre," or are incorporating it into their own.

And the Critics, in order to remain mounted on their white steed of Rightness, have turned about-face. Now you are no longer an untalented moron, but a musical Genius. A Master far ahead of your time. They will give "Names" to your style. They will point out how you cleverly borrowed from this mode or that, combined it with a note or two from that genre, shifted a minor measure into a major, and combined them into a wonderful and courageous piece.

And you'll say, "I thought I did it because it sounds pretty," then add, "but I guess you're right, I must be more talented than I thought I was."

Keep this in mind:

If you stand still

While all Mankind races around the world,

Eventually they will all reach that point on which you stand,

And wonder how you got there so quickly.

What I find interesting is that here I was talking about an insignificant thing like art, music and the like. These are "so what" issues.

Now I find myself being highly critical and condemning of all God's ministers!

Talk about dirtying the road you are going to have to walk on yourself!

Why do I bring this up? It's just one more reason you should ignore everything I have to say.





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