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House of Cards


18Hear ye therefore the parable of the sower. 19When any one heareth the word of the kingdom, and understandeth it not, then cometh the wicked one, and catcheth away that which was sown in his heart. (Mat 13:)

23But he that received seed into the good ground is he that heareth the word, and understandeth it; which also beareth fruit, and bringeth forth, some an hundredfold, some sixty, some thirty. (Mat 13:)

The Word of God is a very large rock that cannot be moved or reshaped. We humans, being sons and daughters of Adam however feel it our need to "defend" the Rock that supposedly supports us. Meanwhile we use a hammer and a chisel and try to reshape the Rock to conform to our chosen beliefs.

Doctrine on the other hand rests on a one-legged stool that is sawed half in two. It is a frail support that must be protected at all costs and never questioned for fear its weaknesses might be exposed. Question God's Word, but don't touch our untouchable doctrines.

When we place our trust on the untrustworthy we are doomed to failure. But how can we know if our foundation is untrustworthy? We might call in an expert on foundations, but if that expert is the one who sells us the foundation that is suspect, then of course that expert will not find the foundation to be faulty, even if it's cracked through and through. If we call in an expert from another company, that expert will of course find the fault, but at the same time tell us we must buy his foundation that is more sure, but can not be counted on to be any more secure than the one being replaced.

Somewhere there must be an expert who is free of all allegiances, of all teachings, of all doctrines, who can set us on a straight and true path. The 14th thru the 16th chapters of John present us with just such an "Expert."

When we ask an expert his or her opinion concerning the taking of advise from someone, whoever that might be, who might contradict his own teaching, we are told we must beware of doing so. In the mind of the expert we are talking to, he and he alone holds all truth and there is nothing to be learned beyond what he can teach us.

A long time ago I had some severe chest pains that lasted hours. I was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance and kept there for a day and a half under very intense observation. They found nothing wrong with me heart wise, so I was released to return to my home.

While I was in the hospital they assigned me to a doctor, to whom I reported. In the meantime I discovered a book on low blood sugar. After reading all the many symptoms listed, that fit my own, I realized that what I had was hypoglycemia, and as I learned later, hypoglycemia was prevalent in my family. There is no treatment for hypoglycemia except exercise and a sound diet, avoiding sugar being at the top of the list.

For several years before my journey to the hospital I had been experiencing severe pains of all kinds, the chest being one of them. I had no energy, and all I wanted to do was lay on the floor and eat ice cream. When I changed my diet and did as I was supposed to do, in nine months I was feeling great and all my symptoms were gone.

I informed my doctor of this miracle cure I had found (that of eating right and exercise) and how it helped me tremendously (my doctor had me on xanex for stress, drugs and surgery being the only cure doctors are allowed to know anything about). Now, him being a doctor, a man dedicated to the health of the public, I expected he would have been thrilled with the good news I had shared with him. This was not to be so. Instead he condemned me for "treating myself."

This doctor was unable to find anything wrong with me. This doctor was unable to treat me with anything but a superficial drug. Yet because I was able to find something that helped me on my own without his aid, he rejected what I had done.

I've spoken of my stint in therapy. Doctors of the mind are like doctors of the body, they have a very strong need to be in the right and to have their egos massaged. When they're unable to find a problem with someone, they create a problem for them and insist that person abide by their findings, and accept the accompanying treatment. To argue with an expert in the psychological field is to raise the ire of that expert and to be counted as a reprehensible fool at best.

Anybody who has attended any school has encountered this same attitude in their teachers. Whatever the teacher says, that expert of the mind and of all knowledge, is to be counted as unquestionable truth. To defy or deny the teachings of the expert of all knowledge is to place oneself on the sidelines and not allowed to pass "go" come graduation time. Truth has no place in the arena of the mind, of the body, or of the psyche. Whatever the expert in any of these fields say must be regarded as absolute and unquestioned truth.

Yet you and I know, unless we're one of these experts ourself, just how fallible those experts are. We've had a mechanic replace a wrong part and yet assure us that he had fixed the problem. We've had the doctor give us the wrong medicine that caused us more harm than did the ailment we went to see him about in the first place. We've had teachers that were way off in left field on a subject and thought themselves to have made a home run. We've had self-proclaimed experts of the mind give us advise that was nowhere near appropriate for our problem (or perceived problem).

We question experts of the mind, of the psyche, of the body, yet there's one arena of expertise we don't bother to question because their area of expertise is so abstract and so deep that it appears to be beyond our comprehension. There is no evidence to show us that what they teach is wrong as there is with the fallible mechanic or the doctor who prescribes the wrong medicine. All we can do is accept what we're given, and hope he's right. Yet if he's wrong, then we become wrong as well, and we'll suffer the same consequences as will that one who deemed himself an expert. If the blind follows the blind, Jesus tells us both will fall into a ditch.

Experts of the soul are placed on a pedestal far above those pedestals mentioned above. Whatever church you or I happen to become attached to, we are to regard the teaching of that church to be sacrosanct, to be untouchable, to go unquestioned, and we're to defend it with all our might whatever the costs. To do otherwise is to be counted a heathen and doomed for hell. If we find what seems to us to be an error in the doctrine of the church we attend, we must assume it's due to our own ignorance of Scripture that causes that error, not the doctrine of the church. Because of this supremacy attitude of the churches, a dictatorial atmosphere is created. Each denomination can see this dictatorship in other organizations, but they're blind to their own brand of the same. Blindness to self creates infections that grow and expand into dangerous traditions that can cause great problems for those within the organization so infected.

House of Cards is my attempt to step outside the denominational walls and give each of the doctrines held in such reverence a new and objective look. I doubt but very few people will be willing to follow me outside the safety of the walls they have entrusted themselves to due to fear of discovering they have been wrong, thus left outside in the cold in regards to the future of their soul. Also they will have to suffer the scorn of those who remain within the walls they're examining. Because of this, they will find it far easier to keep their blinders on and hope for the best.

But if you're bold enough to step outside the walls of denominationalism, and see what God is really saying, then hop aboard and follow me through the House of Cards and see how well it is supported.

Keep in mind however, don't take anything I say as accurate or complete. You have to stand up for your own decisions. I'm only showing you what I see. I'm just as fallible as those I criticize, maybe even more so in some cases. Check out the resources I present (if any) and do your own investigations looking for your own resources. You may find me wrong on some points, and you may find me incomplete or off base on others. If you question what I say, and you find error in my judgement, then good for you. You've learned to stand on your own two feet and to see the world through your own eyes. These are very important traits to acquire, as we all will discover when it comes our turn to stand before the Great White Throne.




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