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(A Dream)

11A fool uttereth all his mind: but a wise man keepeth it in till afterwards. (Prov 29:11)

I had a dream last night. It wasn't a significant dream, that is, it didn't have dragons or other such powerful suggestions in the dream; But I was a bit unsettled by it none the less.

When I awoke my first reaction was to dismiss the dream as just another night vision without any particular basis for reality. But something told me to think a little harder about this dream.

Then it hit me.

In the dream (which for the most part consisted of locations, objects and situations I have never experienced), I was in the home of someone I know fairly well. The Lady of the House is quite fastidious, intelligent and thoughtful. She is not someone who's opinion I can easily dismiss.

There were many people in this house, which was very large with lots of space and grounds, even though it was an apartment since it had immediate neighbors.

As is my practice, I would go off on my own and do that which I saw needed to be done; that is, clean and repair anything that seemed to be in need of repair.

In one particular part of the this dream, the part with significance, I was outside trying to figure out how to repair a none-functioning latch on an old gate. While I was examining the latch the Lady of the House came forth and sat on the porch where she commenced to communicate with her pet cat, fairly oblivious to me.

At that moment I, purely by accident, backed into a stand that looked much like a multi-armed and delicate bird feeder. But instead of birdseed, this stand had small jars of little round candies. Two or three of these jars opened and spilled much of their contents onto the ground.

The Lady of the House, without going into a tirade, though obviously feeling like doing so, reprimanded me and said that she had worked very hard to make those candies and would never be doing so again. She continued to tell her woeful story, with the successful intent of making me feel 2 inches high, as I tried desperately to figure out how to replace the candies, and to explain that I meant no harm.

In my mind I was also figuring how to escape my present situation, since my presence there was apparently doing more harm than good. I concluded with the solution I have always concluded with - and that was to pack up my bicycle and unannounced disappear into the sunset and never be heard of by this family again.

At this point I partially awoke, and for an instance the scene changed.

I was riding my bike down a concrete walkway, a rather steep walkway with twists and steps and other situations creating a danger for a cyclist such as I. This walkway traversed a pretty green parkway between two long rows of elegant apartments, which meant that I might easily encounter groups of people walking on that casual path.

But I was flying recklessly and rapidly down that walkway, even while considering the foolhardiness of what I was doing.

At this point I woke up.

I now have a purpose in life. I no longer have to repair gate latches. As I see it my job is a God-given one of tearing down gates that separate God's people from vital Truth.

I believe wholeheartedly that my mission is to write these stories and studies and to present them to the world via the web.

I see no problem in this. And I do not see the dream contradicting anything that has to do with that purpose for which I have been fully prepared.

I see my problem, not as the presenting of this material, but in the pushing of this material. For the world what I present is nothing but rubbish that an be dismissed with a click of a mouse button.

But I don't leave it as a mouse-click option for my friends and those I care most about. I bundle it up in personal attire and have it presented at their door like well-packaged junk mail.

As I consider different options in my mind, that is, whether or not to continue doing what I am doing through the mail, I also have to deal with a strong fear of what I see as a tragic danger lying ahead for most everyone counting on the Traditional views of the Bible.

The Traditional views reside in two camps - either we can and must work our way to Salvation, or we can't do anything at all toward Salvation. In many places I have dealt with the subject of works and grace, and that subject is not my concern at this point. My purpose here is to tell of the fears I have for loved ones, that I have yet to touch on, nor do I see an opening whereby I can tackle the subject.

Salvation is one of the topics to which I have yet to be given a conclusive answer. I have asked for that understanding in tears; But God has not elected to reveal but portions of His purposes for those who have been "Saved."

So I haven't written on the subject, that is, the future destiny of the "Saved,"even though it is in the writing of any subject that the Truth is usually revealed to me.

But though I don't have an understanding of the end, I want to warn you as to what I see at the beginning.

Salvation is described as almost an impossibility for the Old Testament Saints. It's almost as if we can count on our fingers and toes those who found Salvation.

But in the New Testament there is a sudden burst of information, mostly explaining the mysteries of the O.T., then 2,000 years of silence with nothing added, other than Traditional Tales that alter the Scriptures in one form or another.

It's as if in the New Testament God has suddenly changed His mind and is no longer making it difficult to get into Heaven. Suddenly, instead of just a handful of Saved, billions are Saved with no effort taken at all except to say a few words in prayer. And although God has wiped out millions of His own, including His own Son, Apostles and the Christians in other lands today - it is believed He is going to, at the last moment, yank those Christians, no matter how haphazard they may be, out of troubles and take them to an eternal utopia in the air.

With but a moment of thought, it should be easy to spot a possible fallacy in this mode of thinking.

But that is not my concern at this point. Let's say Salvation is as easy as it is painted to be. What is Salvation? That is, what does it mean to be saved? Is it spending forever playing a golden harp on our own little cloud as it hovers over our mansion in the sky?

Has any one actually stopped long enough to see if the Bible tells us what Salvation is? The Bible is very clear as to what it is for the Church, that is, the Overcomers. But it is rather silent (to me at least) regarding those who have drifted into Salvation almost by accident.

If, like in school, God has a "curve" by which He grades our Salvation, I am wondering at what point there is a cut-off figure. Now, this is the concept of the World, in other words, God will accept those who have done more good works than bad. And, though it is not stated, this is the concept held by many churches.

By this reasoning, 51% is all that is needed to "graduate."

Again I am getting off the track. What happens to those who are "Saved," even considering the possibility that they might be all those ranging from a 51%, or even a 0% grade, to a 99.9% grade?

I believe the "Saved," whoever they might be, are going to be like those who were saved on the ship that sank on the island of Miletus. Though all those with Paul were saved, it did not further their existence or their situation. I believe that "Saved" is a beginning point where a person can reevaluate their life and either decide to move on with the Lord, or to remain where they are.

For more on "Salvation", see the extensive studies I have done on the subject, even though they do not but touch on what I am seeing for those who have been rescued from the pit, whoever they might be.

Again, concerning my dream: I feel like running away from it all. I feel like continuing these studies for my own edification, and perhaps continuing to put them on the web, and then forget about caring if anyone sees them or not. This is my style - to run away from situations where I am not wanted or appreciated. But "My Style," that is, my nature, is exactly what God is dealing with me about. God is digging my nature out and casting it on the dung pile where it belongs. I know He desires to have His nature in me, as He does all those who have supposedly committed themselves to Him. And this is precisely what I want Him to do, though I fear it like I fear the surgeon's scalpel.

My conclusion regarding the writings I send out is this: If it displeases you at all, treat it like a dirty old alley cat and toss it over the fence. Or you can handle it daintily like a dirty diaper and toss it in the trash.

I just want to make sure I have done what I can for the Salvation of the souls of those who are most important to me. I do not want to push anything on you, like one who without solicitation decides to fix your gate. Nor do I want to appear to you as someone who, in order to appease my Ego or conscience, feels he must save your soul, as if I see you as lost. That is not my purpose at all.

I don't think it is, at least.




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