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11For it is written, As I live, saith the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God. 12So then every one of us shall give account of himself to God. (Romans 14;11-12)

It's Here! I finally have what I had been hoping for since I began publishing Bible notes and studies. Not just a section secreted away in the midst of homilies and fanciful stories, but an honest-to-goodness website dedicated to the Lord and His Word.

And not only do I now have such a place for these studies, but I also have lots and lots of webspace in which to put them. This means I can include pictures and diagrams that help explain and illustrate what I am attempting to communicate.

Have you wondered why I chose to call this web site First Trump instead of Last Trump?

Most people, I believe, would think of the last trump as being the important trumpet to be blown. And it certainly is true that the last trump is when all will come to a close and the Lord will return for His own. For this reason most people, when they think of trumpet at all, they think of the last trump.

The calling together of the Saints is surely an important event. And it is an event that many writers, preachers and commentators expound upon.

But when the Last Trump is blown, it will be too late to correct one's own life and become that which the Lord is coming to claim and renew. "He that is filthy, let him be filthy still: he that is righteous, let him be righteous still."

My purpose, for myself, is to be prepared for that final trump. No one can prepare me, I must do it myself, with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Either I will be found a "Faithful servant," or I will be cast out with the other unjust servants who thought for sure they were special in God's eyes. There is little I can do to prepare others for the last trump: that is a job that must be handled by both the individual and the Holy Spirit. A hammer over the head is not sufficient to shape those who wish to remain ignorant of their situation into acceptable vessels. There are ministers of the Word who plead with tears in their effort to do just this, bring in souls fit for the harvest; and for this I am pleased. However, the molding, the shaping and the warnings of what is to come is not my job. Nor do I feel qualified or called to warn or to shape others.

There will be a first of the Seven Trumpets that will signal the ending of this age and the beginning of the new. At this time many catastrophes will occur. This first trump is surely one to reckon with; but it is not the trumpet I am concerned with.

In Revelation 1:10 John heard what he described as a voice like a trumpet. It wasn't a trumpet, but it to him it was the beginning of his experience with what is to come, and with his revelation from the Lord Himself.

When John received his vision it was the "Lord's Day," and John was "In the Spirit" when he experienced his first encounter with the Lord and His angels. John was not doing his "own thing" when the Lord came to him; he was doing that which he was supposed to be doing, and he was "In the Spirit." John had prepared himself to be in the presence of the Lord; and so must we if we expect to hear from Him.

Mine is to announce the blowing of the First Trump. This is not a trumpet of Judgment, but rather a first call, an "Awakening" to the Spirit that we must be attuned to before we can understand and approach the Lord. Because only those people who have been properly prepared will be allowed in the presence of the King, I, through my writings, try to shake the faith of those who are standing in the door of the sheepfold and think they are already full-fledged Saints prepared and ready for Heaven. This web site is a kick in the pants to those who think they can "play church" and be rewarded with Eternal Life.

First Trump is an AWAKE call, not to the World and the unsaved, but to those who call themselves "Christian" who do not know their Savior, but think they do.

First Trump is for YOU if you have bothered to read this far into this introduction.










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