Here is a FAQ concerning browsers: All Browsers have their own idiosyncasies. Like us humans, they want to be the same as everybody else, but yet seen as being different. We accomplish this by our appearances, and so do browsers. One browser will display text one size and font, while another browser will display another size and font. One browser will show red as red; another will see red as chartreuse. One browser will distort a page a particular way, another will distort it another way.

Your settings will also effect the way a website is seen. For instance the main pages of Tumbleweed has typed characters (periods) in them that keep the strip from collapsing. This inefficient method causes the strip to distort drastically if the brower's text size is not set on "medium," or if not viewed full screen. I have yet to find another way to handle the tab strip, but I'm searching.

Netscape users: The users of some versions of Netscape may find that the yellow Tab strip along side the text does not reach the top of the screen. I tried to correct this, but could not do so without having an adverse effect on the other browsers. The reason for this problem is the same as that stated above.

I have tried to keep the pages and the website in general just as simple as possible thus allowing for fast loading and for easy reading; But at the same time I want the pages to be easy to navagate, to possess a little color, to have some appeal, and yet remain user-friendly to the largest portion of Web users.


The browsers I have seen all have the capacity to enlarge or reduce the size of text displayed on the screen up to nearly twice the size in which it was written (View - Text Size - Increase, etc). This larger size makes for easier reading from the screen, which is especially beneficial to those of us with failing eyesight. However, the size of text dispayed is what is printed, therefore a great deal of ink is wasted.

For this reason I have duplicated each page for printing. (These extra pages consume a great deal of web space, as well as a great deal of time to prepare.)

The above information pertains to Windows (PC) users. For other Computers and Browsers, perhaps trial-and-error might be your best guide.


PRINTING is best accomplished from the Text Only pages which can be accessed by clicking the T at the top of each page.

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