Busybody Reports


Canst thou by searching find out God? canst thou find out the Almighty unto perfection?.

"Hi-de-ho everybody. This is Michael Jay Busybody."

Mr. Busybody is into everybody's business. He will take his listening audience, by way of microphone, wherever there is an interesting situation, or where controversy rears its head

Michael Jay does not claim to be an expert in any field other than that of holding a microphone up to the face of his guest. And although he does not propose to know everything about anything, he knows enough about everything to keep his guest on his or her toes, and to keep the conversation on the point at hand. Should Michael Jay sense a hole in his guest's reasoning, he is not restrained by social dignities from delving into that area.

Busybody Reports is an attempt to get straight to the heart of a subject in just a few words, while at the same time adding a touch of humor to the story, as well as a sprinkling of dignity offered the holder of the attitude held in question.

(Note: If you find yourself aglow when you hear the greeting of our man on the street, chances are your hair, if you still have any, is at least as grey as mine.

You may find yourself almost recognizing the greeting, but just where you heard it escapes you. Try to recall sitting close to that squawky box that assumed the place of honor in your living room long ago. The time is the late twenties through the forties. And the music is either jazz and scat, or a soft crooning. They don't go together you say? True, yet they do because of the similar personalities behind the music.

Remember Cab Calloway? Very popular in Jazz. His call was "Hi-de-ho the miracle man" from his song. Is your memory returning at all?

Before Cab, who began in the 30's, there was yet another singer who made crooning famous before Old Blue Eyes or even Der Bingle. This crooner sang his soft melodies into a megaphone before there was a microphone available. Of course you know who I mean, Rudy Vallee. But what does Rudy have to do with Cab?

Well, besides they both having been a strong supporter of black performers, they also appeared together on stage, and they had a similar greeting. Is your memory coming out of the fog yet?

Rudy had a club he called the Heigh Ho Club, and his greeting was, yep, you guessed it: "Heigh-Ho Everybody, This Is Rudy Valléée." )

(Title verse from Job 11:7.)

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