The Peacock and the Popinjay


Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall

It is said that pride goes before destruction. If this is true, then stand back, because it's time for the fall. So sit back, relax, and enjoy another adventure of Peacock and Popinjay as they present a stereoscopic view of what goes on behind the closed doors of our ego.

Top hat and tails, tho ragged and worn, are the attire of Persiflage Peacock and Mordancy Popinjay. What is, is not the thing to seek, but what appears to be is their reality. Comfort and self esteem are the bywords of Peacock and Popinjay.

Within each of us lies a bit of everyone else, whether we like to admit it or not. To deny this fact is to blind ourself to our own reality, thereby establishing a false image of who we are, and creating a barrier to the world we are destined to live in, as well as all others dwelling in that world. In bygone years of survival, appearances and entertainment took a back seat to food on the table and a roof overhead. In our modern, "civilized" world this is no longer the case. Reality is of no importance. It's what we pretend to be, and what affords us pleasure that is of primary importance

On occasion there arises a person or an event that focuses our attention on a particular aspect of life we try to avoid. The more exaggerated these portrayals, the harder it is for us to deny the reality of what is being demonstrated. Sitcoms, soap operas, stand up comedy, as well as other forms of entertainment are examples of having our foibles thrust upon us in an undeniable fashion.

As in other segments of Radio Forum, Peacock and Popinjay is an attempt to confront the reader with a caricature sketch of people (ourselves) and events that confront all of us on a daily basis, but that we sweep under the rug of perpetual denial. In Persiflage Peacock and Mordancy Popinjay, our ego is the mirror through which we are to view ourselves.

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy an adventure of Peacock and Popinjay as they present a stereoscopic view of what is hidden behind closed doors.

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