Did you hear that?

Have you experienced an unexplained feeling of urgency, a need to get down on your knees to intercede for your friends, and the great unsaved?

Have you felt a need to "cleanse" yourself of things and habits and desires that you have treasured in the past? Do you sense an unexplained assistance in doing these things?

Do you feel more directed? Do you find that your field of interests has narrowed - and the interests are not ones you would have chosen for yourself, but it seems that you have been unexplainably prepared for?

Do you feel a thirst for, and a need to grow closer to the Lord?

Are you finding your mind more channeled toward God and Biblical studies?

Are you looking for, or have you found a purpose in life that is beneficial to others and that does not feed any selfish interest?

Are you looking for, or have you found a group of people (church?) that has similar interests (which are not particularly traditional) as yourself and that fits Biblical teachings?

Are you experiencing an unexplainable "clean" and "confident" feeling inside of yourself?

Are you experiencing, or expecting a tribulation in your own life, but are finding yourself unexplainably at peace about it?

Does it seem as if the world is getting ready to experience a new direction?

If so, know that you are not alone.

And I can know that it is not just my imagination.

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