In the early and middle portions of the 20th Century, TV was relatively unknown, and movies was a rare treat. But there did exist three forms of entertainment and education that was available to just about everyone.

The first of these was magazines and newspapers. The second was books and comics.

The third form of entertainment was radio. Radio is rarely used today as entertainment in story form, which is a pity. Radio forced the listeners to use their imagination, to form pictures in their mind as to what was happening, who was doing it, and more importantly, what the actors looked like. Descriptions were rarely given of the actors, just his circumstances and environment (and usually, not even these). One listener would "see" a tall handsome man, while another would describe him as short and squat.

What was said in the stories, was more important than who said it. However, if a certain character was in a story week after week, the listener eventually developed the character into an image in his or her own mind, and that character slowly developed into a real person.

This is what I have tried to re-create in these stories. Some characters have been given names, some placed in a more prominent position, but many others are just voices, fillers with no identity.

The island, the town, the scenery; all are treated in that same manner, except for a smattering of description where needed to further the story.

The hope is that each reader will make the stories their own, and fill in the gaps; 'read between the lines,' and create for themself a story even better than the ones presented here.

The author's attempt has been to portray as many subjects that confront a person as possible. And, cover as many points of view as is reasonable for the story (which is why some subjects are branched into other stories).

Any bias toward one point of view over another has been avoided as much as possible. How well that has been accomplished will have to be judged by each reader. There will be some, of course, who will believe their own beliefs were not presented well, or properly.

And they may well be right. My advice to them would be; start your own website and do a better job of it than this one has - and all the best to you.

Here might be a good place to add:

All places, people, and names are fictitious, having nothing whatever to do with any person living or dead. Even the island on which the story is placed is fictional. Any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely coincidental.

Also, the opinions expressed are strictly one man's and has not been influenced by any certain sect or creed. An exception to this may be applied to the "Bible" portion of this site, but then the only intentional influence is the King James version of the Bible, not any denominational dogma.

If you would like to ask a question or express an opinion, here is the email address (please don't expect a personal reply. I barely have time to write these stories. But check the "Reply" section. You might find some sort of response there):

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