49I am come to send fire on the earth; and what will I, if it be already kindled? (Luke 12:)


First, before beginning this piece, I want to establish the fact I believe we have to live according to our present situation. We can't consider past wrongs or rights in order to make judgement as to what we must do now in order to uphold peace and safety. This established, I would just like to toss my two cents worth into the well of controversy.

If anyone has read my other contributions they know that I like to take the broad view, and to mix in other sides of an issue in order to stir up thought. I'm not after controversy, but rather a well-rounded understanding of any given subject. I thought this might be a good place to put that attitude into practice.

Illegal aliens are a bane to any society. They do not fit in to the structure of an existing civilization, and by necessity they must work on the fringes of the society they have entered. America is unique in that it gives certain protection and benefits to illegal aliens, often receiving benefits that legal aliens and natural born citizens can not obtain. I believe this has been changing in some parts of the country, but it apparently still exists.

I stated that Illegal aliens are a bane to any society. Often times the illegal alien is not only a bane, but in fact a parasite. It's unfortunate that this be so, but is so nonetheless. Let me give you some examples:

In 1492 a Portugese trader, explorer came to America by mistake. In just a few short years many different counties sent their illegal aliens, their soldiers, their excess prisoners and outcasts, and their ne'er-do-wells to this new and distant land.

Eventually these illegal aliens, who at first befriended the current native society, began to destroy their hosts and to subjugate them. Not content to merely destroy the existing society, these many illegal aliens turned on one another in order to try and control the land.

Eventually one of those nations of illegals won out.

By 1776 the people under that winning nation felt suppressed, and threw off the reigning nation and formed a nation of its own. Now there existed a nation within a nation. However the superior and the larger of the nations was not as organized as the tiny settlement of illegals that resided amongst them.

In a very short time this colony of illegals began to feel hemmed in and wanted to expand. So they bought a huge section of land from another parasitic nation that had illegally acquired this land from those they had settled among. However, in order to possess the land, these new illegal aliens had to fight and kill the existing "real" owners of the land, who had not agreed to this new sale and acquisition.

Like a cancer, illegals do not remain content to confine themselves in one area. It seeks to expand itself into the best available parts. When a new discovery of a better place is found, the parasite heads for that section and takes it over.

In the early 1800's Anglo people began to settle in the Mexican region now called Texas. Eventually these peaceful parasites decided that they wanted to be a part of the Anglo north instead of the Mexican south. So, they decided to turn the land that was not theirs over to a nation of people who governed a land that was not legally their own. As the illegals grew in size, in number, and in power, the legal citizens became impoverished, demoralized, and pushed on to reservations of land no one else wanted.

After Columbus discovered this new "virgin" land, settlers, conquerors, and priests began to penetrate and take over land in the west and in the south. The citizens of the land became slaves and outcasts in their own country. Then, like Texas, these new illegal aliens decided they wanted to be a part of the expanding country to the north, and through much effort and violence broke off the land from those they had settled amongst and turned it over to the growing illegal parasite to the north.

Within a very short time this expansion of illegals had taken over the Oregon territory, then on in to Alaska.

Illegals had long before supplanted the legals and had made themselves the legal citizens, while the once legal owners of the land had become the illegals not allowed on their own land their ancestors had held.

My question is: How do we deal with the illegal aliens? And, just who are the illegal aliens?


A footnote.

No country is without a history of conquest by illegal aliens. "All have sinned and come short of the Glory of God." We are selfish people, and we will take whatever we can from whoever we can and in any manner in which we are able. We, as Christians are to resist this natural tendency. As a nation, we are not only unable to resist our natural tendencies, but have proven over and again that we have no desire to overcome our selfish nature. The piece above is merely an external and obvious evidence of this. What we have done through our history is especially atrocious when we consider that we did it under the guise of being a "Nation under God." We behave as the worst of criminals and fly the flag of Christ.

What can we expect from a nation who now rejects the authority of our Lord, and even denies His existence?

31For if they do these things in a green tree, what shall be done in the dry? (Luke 23:)

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