This page is dedicated to all those people who have worked so hard and generously to share their knowledge and expertise with the world. Often with no hope of gain, but rather at their own considerable expense.

I am referring to those who supply the web pages that provide information and instruction.

Of course, I know that many of them are presented for hope of profit, and/or for their own grandizement. Regardless, they have still provided a great service.

For years I made use of these sites, especially for instant information, for learning the computer and music recording, and lately for learning music itself.

I hadn't given those sources of information much thought before. It was just something "out there" to be used. That is, until I started developing this web site.

It's work! And very time consuming work at that. And my website is a relatively simple one, at least in comparison to many that are available.

The time that must have been spent just figuring how to lay out some of those sites, to me is mind-boggling.

Even some of the simple sites appear so because much effort was taken to present complex information in a simple manner.

Information that was unobtainable just a few short years ago, is now just minutes away -- and for free.

All this, just to say "Thanx," and that your efforts are appreciated.


There are many good web sites, in fact great sites available in many fields of interest. I have included only a very few of these.

Off site pages can be found by clicking the links below. Please keep in mind that it is virtually impossible for me to keep up with changes any of these webmasters should make. A minor change in a link will cause that link to be lost to those who are searching for the old address.

For webmasters interested in having their site listed on this page, please try to give me a first page (home page) address so if you make any changes inside your site the link won't become lost.

Please bear in mind that none of the resources listed on this page have offered support for my views, nor am I endorsing theirs by posting their link here. But truth and informaition can be found anywhere, and these are a good place to begin one's investigation.


Wikipedia (A good all around resource for just about anything)

Here are some good Bible study references. More will be listed at a later date.









Way of the Pilgrims (A bicycling pilgrim couple spreading joy throughout Europe and America)

Pilgrim's Report

Bread Of Life (A family church with lots of resources. Especially reommended for home schoolers.)

Below is a link to Released Time, a National program that teaches children the Bible during school hours.
This, and other such organizations are well worth investigating and supporting.

Released Time Program (California)

A NOTE ON LINKS: On a site this size, with thousands of links, it is near impossible to continually check each one to make sure it is still functioning. I check each link after I upload a page, but sometimes things happen later. If you find a link that fails, I would appreciate a note to that effect. Thanx.

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