There is a popular compromise being set forth these days which allow a believer in Creation to also believe in evolution. This theory states that God used evolution to create Adam and Eve.

It's not my purpose here to debate the fallacy of how the text of Genesis has to be mangled to fit that theory.

No, the question I am presenting is the patience of God.

Of course, we know that God is Long Suffering. He will put up with a lot of foolishness on our part. He puts up with years of our rebellion and running off in tangents of His will.

He even put up with Israel's rebellious nature and turning from Him for over a thousand years! Before that he bided his time for over a thousand years before wiping out mankind with the flood.

And He has patiently waited two thousand years since Jesus to finalize His purpose.

That's all a very long time from our point of view. A lot of generations have come and gone. Generations that consisted of maybe 50 to 70 years on the average.

And in those short years we are expected to learn all we are expected to learn, and to become all God intended us to be.

Nothing new, I haven't said anything to this point that everyone already knows, and most likely agrees with.

One thing that some, maybe even many will disagree with is the time frame between the creation of Genesis and the flood.

So, let's stretch that out. Lets allow 10,000 years. No, let's make that 100,000 years. Would that satisfy everybody?

God is patient. He must be to justify the claims of the Createvolutionists (my word for it. I suppose there is a name for it, but I don't know it). Here he takes thousands of years to deal with Man for which all Creation was designed for, gives Man just a few years to accomplish His goals -- yet He takes Billions of years to create just the beginnings of man. Billions of years while planets explode, tiny bugs mutate into bigger bugs, and on and on.

God is patient. He's long-suffering.

But come on!

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