I don't trust Scientists. As Red Skelton would have said it, "I just plain don't trust Scientists."

That isn't saying anything about Scientists in particular. I don't trust Politicians or Weather (persons) either.

Even if they were as honest as Used Car Salesmen, I still wouldn't trust them.

It has nothing to do with who they are personally. I suppose they are just about as trustworthy as anyone else.... Come to think of it, that isn't saying very much, is it?

There are certain attributes built into most jobs. If a person is in that position, you automatically assume that they possess certain qualities. They may not express those characteristics at home or elsewhere, but where their job is concerned, it is required

I referred earlier to the Used Car Salesman. Can you just hear him telling a potential customer, "Yes sir, this little beauty will get you home with no trouble. After that, the likelihood of it running is slim. It has bald tires, the rings are about to go out on it, and the differential leaks like a sieve. Did we check this car out thoroughly? Certainly we did. How do you think we know all these things about this car?"

Or how about a Weatherperson, "There's no way of knowing what the weather will be like either next week or the next hour. The Government has spent ??? billion dollars on research equipment and satellites for just this purpose, but if you really want an accurate forecast, check with your Grandmother with the arthritic elbow, or the Poor Richard's Almanac written 250 years ago."

Or how about the Scientist who is financed by the Government, a Drug or Toy Company, or an Advertising Agency. His report might sound like, "Sorry folks. I know you've spent well over ??? Million dollars on this project, and have patiently waited for ??? years while I assured you that we would discover just what it is that you are needing so desperately. I guess you just threw away that money and will have to stop financing me. But that's OK, my family and I have lived on the streets before."

Or an Advertising agency, Manufacturer, or a.... Oops! I already covered them with the Used Car Salesman, didn't I?

Or the Politician, "Honestly folks, my opponent is far more qualified for this office than I am. In fact, I can't figure out why the party asked me to run. I have a lousy track record, was kicked out of the Military, smoked pot as a youngster, lost my driver's license for drunken driving, and my wife's about to divorce me. There are other things as well that I hope will not be discovered during this election."

But let's say our Candidate was voted into office in spite of his apparent flaw...I mean honesty. Those other old, established codgers that have fought to maintain a status quo -- that is, doing nothing but rake in money while doing just as little as possible, aren't going to take kindly to a young buck making waves.

But our youngster is persistent and determined to change the system toward the betterment of the Society that he serves.

I won't describe what will happen to him. If you have worked at any job, especially a white collar job, you know what happens to someone who wants to earn his dollar. The other old-timers who have set the slow pace don't take such a rapscallion thing as that in their midst too friendly. And if you haven't worked in such a job, then an explanation would avail nothing.

I just plain don't trust Politicians, Scientists or Weathermen. However, I do trust Used Car Salesmen on occasion. I can see the car.

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