Tumbleweeds, by nature, and by design do not remain in one place. They have no destination, goal, nor do they serve any observable practical purpose.

Tumbleweeds move whichever way the wind decides to blow. They are built to defy resisting.

The Philosophers, modern and ancient, speak of living a life as a river, moving easily forward, flowing around obstacles and obstructions.

Tumbleweeds accomplish this without the restrictions of banks, such as a river has. However, unlike a river, the tumbleweed can become hindered and entangled, even by something as small as a weed or a rose bush.

Tumbleweeds seem to have more in common with the Common Man who seeks to live as a river. More connection with those who would spend more than a brief moment in a site such as this. And, more in common with myself.

A Philosopher is one, by definition, who seeks knowledge and truth. In fact, by the prefix "philo," they love that search. And, I believe that should such a person finally discover all the truth and knowledge there is to be had, that person would soon wither away from frustration and boredom.

It's the search that makes any endeavor exciting and interesting. Attainment is what we desire; but never expect.

In fact, those who think they have attained it, or pretend as though they had, have never really searched for it.

Charley McCarthy, a wooden ventriloquist's dummy, once stated that he knew all about medicine. When probed diligently for the source of such a magnitude of knowledge, he confessed that it was attained by reading the label on an iodine bottle.

And such are the self-proclaimed "experts."

So, what has all this to do with Tumbleweed?

In searching for "truth" all avenues and possibilities must be explored. If we only accept what we have been taught, or have researched in one venue only, we may become very knowledgeable, but not in the realm of "truth."

As an example, it is said that to be able to spot a counterfeit dollar bill, you do not study other counterfeits, but the real thing. A good point to be sure, but in the realm of knowledge and information, how is one to know where the truth lies?

Tumbleweed is an attempt to create a starting point, or a junction in the road for those already seeking knowledge. A place where someone can come and perhaps refresh their search, or get a foothold on another path that leads to the same goal.

At least a place for a fresh viewpoint.

And "viewpoint" is the operative word.

In Tumbleweed, several points of view for many subjects have been presented:

In CHECKERBOARD subjects are battered around from many, usually quite opinionated, directions, with no conclusion drawn. The attempt has been to present the information and subject in such a way that the reader can draw out of it what they seek or need, without feeling that they are being "preached" to.

The INTRO portion is a presentation of various writers and religions, and what they have to say regarding the subject. Again, without regard to anything but its application to the subject at hand.

VOICES is a simplified approach to a subject. It is more opinionated, but that opinion is grounded in simplicity, one could almost say; simple mindedness. The narrator of the story is portrayed as innocent, rather than naive or ignorant. In fact, he is far from either, but is more like the "river" as described earlier, than the "tumbleweed."

THAT'S MY OPINION, AND YOU'RE WELCOME TO IT portion is a very opinionated section that is preachy, and probably the last place to be visited, if ever.

The BIBLE section is just what the name infers; information and various views and opinions regarding the Bible.

VIRTUES AND VICES is a fanciful view written as fables and fairytales. A just-for-the-fun of it section.

Another section that you may find informative is the Q & A section where reader's responses have been presented.

So, as stated on the Welcome page, Tumbleweed "is what it is," and hopefully it is, in some small measure, a benefit to you, for that is why it has been established.

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