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For thou bringest certain strange things to our ears: we would know therefore what these things mean. (Act 17:20)
And they were all amazed, and they glorified God, and were filled with fear, saying, We have seen strange things to day. (
Luke 5:26)

Lately, and I don't know for how long, I have been finding odd things occurring on my website. I wish I could say for sure what is happening, but so far I don't have that information. Perhaps you have observed this on my website, and also on the sites of others.

There are some activities that are fairly explainable, such as those clearly involving adult filters. For instance, my story called "Creeping Normalcy" has a story called "Adult Sit.... I won't spell out the entire word for fear what happened to the story being discussed happens to this one as well. Because the words were in the story, the adult filter not only would not allow that story to be presented, a story having a head shot of Desi and Lucy (I Love Lucy), and containing nothing whatever of an adult nature, the filter blocked my entire website on that particular computer.

As I said, this is explainable, and might even be understandable given that filters are only doing what they are intended to do, plus some.

If you have such a program on your computer, to read some of my, or anyone's site, you might have to disable your filter for a while.

The problems I've recently encountered are not so easily explained. First, I found that Firefox, Google, Internet Explorer, or the filter, is changing some of the words I use to something similar to the scribbles traditionally used to indicate swearing. I had seen this on other websites, and didn't know but that it was part of what was originally written. However, now I see that it is happening on my website as well, so I know it wasn't necessarily the writer's intention. This may be caused by the filter on the computer I was using (a public accessed machine in our local clubhouse). Normally this would not mean so much to me, other than the fact that because of the nature of one of the stories (book, actually), the word censored is used many times, and in the title of the chapters. Because the word changed is directly linked to the contents, someone trying to find the chapter would not be able to find it because that title had been changed. In order to get around that particular problem, I have redone much of the altered story, and used the censored scribble in the titles, and in the links. Hopefully that will allow those affected by this situation to access the story.

If you find links on the pages of this website, random links that contain ads for various and sundry items, these are not part of the original document. I don't know what or who is doing this, but it seems to only be on pages read by the Firefox browser, since when I download the same pages on Internet Explorer, the links are not included. When I first discovered these links, which seem to appear on more than a few of my pages, I thought I had been hacked. But I find this same situation on other pages as well, even those published by Wikipedia, so I know it has nothing to do with my website, but more than likely with the browser.

Along with these suspicious and unwanted links, I find that hidden in the pages that have been downloaded from Firefox (not on those from Internet Explorer) are many hidden Java Script, possible Active X, linked HTML pages and other such objects that I never placed on any of my web pages.  Question: Why are these only associated with Firefox, and not with IE browsers?

It seems incredible to me that such things as those mentioned here can be occurring. It also seems incredible to me that now, using the computer with a well-known and expensive filter program, as well as a strict filter used by the ISP, I can be bombarded by filth, with not a peep from the filters, yet innocent pages such as the ones I have published, should be blocked and censored.

In the final analysis, what I want you to know from this writing is that these odd behaviors are not part of what I am presenting to you. If they were, then all I would have to do is replace the stories, or even the entire website. But these activities are apparently part of the computer receiving the stories, not the one sending them.

Update: I have since this writing used a computer utilizing an IE browser only, and with the filter set as to allow adult content, and nothing other than what I uploaded was to be found on my pages. If you are experiencing any such problem, it is probably due to your browser, and/or your filter.





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