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    How often have I been told "you're a case." What they mean by that comment I can only guess, but whether I'm a case or not, I thought I'd make a couple for myself. The one to your left is one of them. I'm not about to tell you that I know all about cases, even though I apparently am one, but I've learned a thing or two about them during the process of making these.

    By the way, I might mention, that making a case as with anything else is liable to me more expensive than going out and buying a new one off the shelf. But the satisfaction from holding in your hand something you made yourself, regardless of how awful it might be is worth more than the money saved.





    What's the difference between a box and a case? A lot in this case. You can put a lot of boxes in the cases I show, but I doubt you could put a case in a box, unless you first run over the case with a Mac truck.




    A flute bag, wouldn't you expect to find a flute bag in the music department along with the flutes? I wondered about that myself. But I decided to go against reason and put my bags where other craft items are found. But just in case it gets lost here, I'll try and make sure there's a link to this page in the flute department.





    Unless you have a lot of spare time to spend looking at pictures of colorful costumes, don't even go here. I spent a lot of time making costumes of various kinds. I'm not going to teach you how to make costumes, I don't pretend to be that presumptuous. But I can give you some hints and tips I learned along the road to filling my closets with things I can't wear, nor would be caught in the street wearing.






    Flute quiver? What's a flute quiver you may ask. Don't ask me, just click the picture and you'll find out.




    Students of the Old Testament will especially enjoy this part of the web. I made these models for someone, and though they're gone from me, what I learned from the experience has proven invaluable. You might like to make one of these for yourself but don't know where to begin. The beginning of things I'm getting pretty good at. The finishing of them is still a bit of a mystery. Maybe in a hundred years I'll get the hang of it.




     Have you ever wanted to whittle a chain but don't like to whittle? That's me all over the place. If there's a quick and easy way of getting around the whittling away of what can be done some other way, I'll find it. And find it I did. If you want to learn how to cheat at whittling yourself, you might take a look at what I've found.

    By the way, at the end of this page you'll find a simple and cheap way of whittling an antique rifle, which may be more to your liking.

   "What's the biggest painting you ever did?" I've been asked. "Oh," I reply "bigger than your house."
   I see pictures on the web that are huge, the size of Mount Rushmore and just as complex. I can't compete with these guys, but I have painted a theatrical backdrop that's bigger than a bread box.



   Are you into fishing? Guns? Fencing? Yep, me too, at least I used to be before someone felt the need to relieve me of my collections when my proverbial back was turned. I doubt I have anything of value to show you on this page, but if you like looking at pictures, give it a try.

   Brooks School of Photography, here I come! Well that was my dream at one time. I am a step above a rank armature at the art of photography, if you take baby steps. Again, if you like pictures I have a few to show you. Don't worry, I'm not going to show you ten albums of baby taking his first steps. There's lots of people willing and anxious to do that to you. However there's s shot or two in this short collection that just might surprise you, especially the last one on the page.  




   How can a craftsman work without tools? There's not much about tools I can show you other than how to bandage that finger you got stuck in the grinding wheel... ouch! But there might be something here, if nothing else an idea how to store these hefty tools away, that can come in handy for those of you with limited working space.

link    Need a light box but can't afford one? You might try this. If nothing else you'll have the satisfaction of having made your own, even if it doesn't work.
link    Have you ever wanted to bind your own book but didn't know where to start? You might try starting here. I won't show you the details, just kind of knock off the edges of ignorance a little.
link    Do you have something you want to display? Are you an artisan without any art? How about that studio you wish you had but can't afford? Can I teach you how to acquire the things you need? No, but I can show you some pictures of my attempt into the field.
   Incidentally, if you desire to learn how to make a display stand or "A" frame, you can either do like I did, and while other people are ooing and aawing about the art at an art show, look around behind at the stands that are holding up the masterpieces everyone else is admiring. Of course today we have the web that we can browse instead of the backs of display stands, but isn't that a bit like cheating?


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