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Goat in box


    This is a touching little story about a little goat name Bambino. Bambino began his life sadly as his mother had three babies and a milk machine capable of feeding only two of her little charmers. Bambino was discovered by his owner very early in the morning on a very cold winter's day. In fact it had frozen that night, and so did Bambino. For days Bambino was watched carefully to see if he would survive his ordeal. For a week or so it was touch and go, but with much love and attention little Bambino pulled through his ordeal and took to domestic living, being bottle fed with the utmost of care.



2 in a box


    Bambino had a little sister who also had difficulty with the cold. Unlike Bambino, Bambina was not a reject, merely a victim of the cold.

    Goats love to jump and play just as do any other children. When a goat is just a few hours old, like a deer or a horse, the baby is leaping and jumping everywhere and on every thing.

       Goats have hard hooves like a deer, and hooves do not do well on such surfaces as Linoleum. You I'm sure have seen the pictures of Bambi sprawled on the icy lake. Unskilled Bambino and Bambina have that same problem on the kitchen floor, until they develop the delicate step required to remain upright.


Diaper problem 1


    Baby goats, like most other small creatures, are exceptionally cute, affectionate and playful. You're liable to find Bambino resting his head on your foot, or rolling a ball toward you with his nose wanting you to play. Baby goats are not only affectionate, but they are obedient and quiet, unlike many other animals we humans have converted into life-long friends.

    Goats have one particular problem that all creatures possess: what they eat does not remain in their little stomach, and they must find a place to relieve themselves. The living room carpet is not the best place to accomplish this purpose, so a diaper is brought into play. The problem is that diapers were not designed to remain on little goats. They tend to slip at the most inopportune time.



Diaper problem 2


    And when you have two goats, you have twice the problem.


Diaper problem 3


Slipping and drooping diapers are not the only problem that must be dealt with. Goats like to chew, and here we find Bambina helping Bambino undo what has already been undid.


Diaper solution


    Your eyes do not deceive you. Our precious Bambino is showing you why it's important to have a diaper on a goat in the house.


I am urious 1


    Goats, like all small and young creatures, are by nature curious.


I am curious 2

    In this case, two curious, curious in stereo. Goats like to eat. And they like to eat when and what they feel like eating. If you want to keep your people food for people only, you are well advised to keep cabinets and doors closed.
    Bambino began life in a sad manner. In the story of Bambi our little hero became a big success. Sadly this is not the case with our little friend. The last I heard of Bambino and his sister they were resting peaceably in the family freezer.

    Before you feel too very sorry for our little friends, I would like to inform you that little goats, as cute and lovable and cooperative as they are in diapers, veer far from this characteristic when they are of mature age. The last time I saw Bambino he was so ornery and cantankerous that when I looked at him, all I could see was goat stew.
    Jesus put the goats on His left, the place destined for oblivion. After my experience with Bambino, I think I can understand why it's goats He chose to represent those who are lost. They have a good beginning, but their end is less than desirable.

Bottle fed  
    Parting shots:
    Babies need milk, even newborn goats.

    And more milk 

Kids     Kids feeding kids.
All weather     Goats eat in all weather.
Affection    Like human kids, goat kids give and receive affection.
Ball     After the ball. This little goat is worn out after a hard and fast game of catch.
Tangled    No, me first. When you're young it's hard to remember just which direction your feed dish is located.
Twins    Twins. As you an see, Bambino was unlike the rest of his siblings.
Teen    Goats grow, and they grow rapidly. Here's a teenager waiting to be fed.


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