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    If you value your health and your peace of mind, turn back now. Otherwise, proceed with extreme caution and diligence.

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    Do you ever have people say to you "you think too much. Don't worry about the details, just do it?" I have, and it causes me to wonder about them. Is this lack of looking at the details a part of the reason the world is going to pot? Whatever, I like to think about things, to figure out what isn't apparent, what can be done to improve what seems to already be working. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." Yeah, sure, don't worry about what you eat now, you're in reasonable health. But just wait 30 years or so. I suspect those of you reading this slice of the web are like me, you like to think too much. If so, you might find something here that will help you direct your thoughts and create what seemed to be uncreatable. That's my hope at least.

    I enjoy making things. I don't know, it's something to do with holding in my hand something I made myself, especially if I created it out of my own imagination. It doesn't even bother me that people say of it: "What is it?" which is usually what they say. Then they follow up with: "What's it good for?" That part of the question I usually don't have an answer for.

    If you're a person who has time to waste, or just likes to tinker, then you might enjoy some of what I've got to show you. If you're an efficient craftsman who produces usable and recognizable products, you might want to try somewhere else.


Contact and Priorities

        If you wish to contact me about something you've seen here, I can be reached by pressing this button  O  (Or is this the self-destruct button? I always get them mixed up). If you've lost a body part because you followed one of my suggestions, don't tell me about it. I hate the sight of blood, and I cry easy. See if your wife will have a little sympathy for you (which is doubtful since she told you not to read what I have to say from the get-go).

    A late addition: I started this project nearly 3 months ago, expecting it to be a short contribution to my already way-too-big website. The obsessive person I am, this corner of the world has taken every bit if my time and has grown to over a thousand files (mostly pictures and thumbnails) and 70 HTML pages. So if you find some pictures that pop up that don't connect to the thumbnail, or if a link doesn't work, don't be too surprised. Just blame it on the gremlins of the Internet.


Tumbleweed is non-profit, non-political, non-orthodox, non-productive, nonsensical,
and almost non-existent.


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