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    As I stated in the index, I know very little about nutrition. But because of certain health problems I've had to learn a bit. Here's what I've had to learn:





    Long ago I found that food doesn't go though me as it should. One result of this condition is hemorrhoids, not bad, but bothersome if I sit for long periods of time. I began to take psyllium husk. This is a dry, natural laxative that does wonders for me. I have no problems whatever as long as I use this product.

    Two words of warning. Begin with less than half the amount recommended. The stuff expands 30 times when mixed with water. For this reason I don't mix it with fluid. It becomes unappetizing this way. I sprinkle about a level tablespoon full on a sandwich or whatever I'm eating and I can't even tell it's there. The products that claim to be the same sell it already mixed with some fluid. You're just paying for water that you can get from the tap.




    Somehow I've developed high blood pressure. It apparently doesn't run in my family, but it runs all over me. For this reason i have to beware of salt. But I like catchup and put it in everything. I began with a reading of 220 over 110. A bit high for my liking. In order to keep the reading down and my catchup intake up I began to make my own catchup. I take a no-salt-added tomato sauce and add an artificial sweetener (the kind that gives mice cancer, so I'm careful to keep what I mix away from rats and mice). For the salt taste I add a bit of apple cider vinegar. The result is yummy if I do say so myself.




    BEST FOODS:   

    Mayonnaise is another food I eat far too much of. Mayonnaise has all the things I shouldn't have, like cholesterol. My reading began at 415 with an HDL of 32, far too low. I've gotten my good cholesterol up to about 38 doing everything I should, but I just can't seem to get it up to 40, the minimum allowed by doctors. Since I'm so active I don't worry too much about the low reading since I've gotten the total down to about 225, still too high I know. Body's are weird, aren't they?

    Best Foods makes a mayonnaise with very little salt, no cholesterol, and they use canola oil. There are some others that have what they call olive oil, but like so many other products, all they do is add a drop or two of olive oils and don't bother telling you that the rest of it is just plain what you don't want or need. This is especially true of bread products I find.

    There's also a skillet spray composed of canola oil, just in case you have problems with soy as I do.




     I've developed angina since I turned almost 7o (which was a few years ago). They ran me through the big oil tank they call an MRI, and ran me on the track that doesn't go anywhere and found nothing wrong with me, no blockage ( guess that machine doesn't check the head. I'd probably have blown it up if they had. Plenty of problems there). The angina only comes up when I ride the bike, then goes away once I've ridden a couple miles or so. In the meantime it can get (and does) very severe. I've noticed however that I have no trouble with it when I ride my stationary bike (which gets me nowhere fast too) even when I ride hard. Also I notice that certain food effect my heart status more than others. Milk products and grains, rice and oats included, (not corn however) causes me that problem,as well as sinus problems. I try to avoid these products, but find I have a weakness when it comes to food. It's surprising that I'm only 185 pounds rather than the original 245 I reached a few years ago.

    Certain foods they say should be avoided if a person has angina, all food good for you essentially. Also chocolate is bad for angina, it being a stimulant. That, I find an impossible rule to follow. But I may have to if I don't want to pass over from heart problems.




    A few years back I was having trouble with my heart feeling like it was skipping every other beat at times. My doctor checked me and said it isn't skipping but rather the bottom chamber is beating at the same time the upper chamber is. I understand that this is common, even with athletes, and there's nothing to worry about. But having the feeling that your heart is stopping isn't too comforting a feeling. I've found that certain foods, especially sugar, can cause this with me, especially at night. When this problem comes up I take a magnesium tablet and it seems to help it considerably.

    About five years ago or so I experienced the opposite reaction. I would feel my chest become empty all of a sudden and my left shoulder would hurt. No chest pain, dizziness or weakness however. I stopped riding and checked my heart beat. At first I couldn't detect it, but then discovered that it was going double time and causing the blood to circulate too fast, hence the hurting shoulder.

    One time I was ridding up a mountain and this occurred. Double time of over a 150 beats minute is a bit too fast for comfort. I purchased a heart monitor that I wore on the rides, and when this happened I would take a reading. It occasionally reached over 300 beats a minute.

       I haven't had this problem for some time. I wish I could tell you what I did, if anything, to stop it, but it only lasted a month or so and went away. I've ridden up several high and steep hills since then and nothing out of the way has happened.




    I don't know what it is about me but I just don't like the taste of water. We're supposed to drink a half gallon a day, and I'm lucky if I get a tea spoon full. Even when I lived on the bicycle riding though the desert I never remembered to drink water. I don't drink tea of cola or anything of that nature, so I get very little fluids. I find however that if I mix about a fifth... (no, not whiskey, I quit that many years ago along with cigarettes, two packs a day when they were a quarter a pack) a fifth of a glass of grape juice and add a bit of rat poison ( Sweet and Low), and then fill the glass with water. I can drink my quota a day. However I still have to force myself to remember to drink, and have my drink handy, or I'll go all day without thinking about it


   For many years I've had some large moles on my cheekbone caused by exposure to the sun. These moles are quite pronounced and considerably bigger than a pencil eraser I decided to experiment with the moles and see if there was anything I could do about them ( I've already had three removed that had turned to cancer, one on my side). I used a sponge with a bit of oatmeal soap and scrubbed my face with this One of the moles has disappeared and the others are hardly visible other than their raised appearance.

   There's a ;lot of products on the market that are supposed to do wonders with scratches and other skin defects. I've used some of these miracle products, and they tend to take an unnoticeable scratch and turn it into an oozing mess. I suppose it's just my biological makeup, but whatever the reason, I ceased from using them.
    I find that products that dry rather than cover with moisture works best with me. Iodine works very well, and what works even better than that is a product called Hibiclean. It comes in a small greenish-blue plastic bottle and it dries rapidly creating a bandage of sorts over the wound. In a very short time it heals whatever I put it on. With the triple ointment stuff what should have healed in days would be still getting worse weeks later. If you're having trouble with healing, you might give them a try. They're both over-the-counter products, and iodine especially is quite cheap.

    I dearly love peanuts, but they've turned on me and rejected my affections for them. A few years ago I was experiencing gasping and choking symptoms, especially at restaurants, and would have to go outside and spend a half an hour or more gagging and choking. Not the best advertising for the restaurants I was visiting. This went on for some time before I realized it was peanuts causing the problem. Since then I've been very careful to avoid anything with peanuts. I've had no problem for some time now.
   Soy is another product that gives me trouble, but not as much as it used to. 

   I have several missing molars. In fact I only have two on a side, one on the bottom and one on the top that match. Because of this lack certain foods tend to pass without being chewed well. On occasion I will get a piece of unchewed food stuck in my throat, a very frightening experience to be sure. I find the worse culprit for avoiding my chewing teeth is apple. Because of this I cut apples and other hard food into small chunks, just in case they decide to get frisky.


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