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they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.

"Welcome to another view of religion. I'm Pythagoras Nullifidian and I'll be your host for this edition of ask the theologian. Tonight's guest is renown author and lecturer, Doctor Aviso Indubitable. Doctor Indubitable, thank you for being with us tonight."

"My Pleasure Mr Nullifidian."

"The topic of discussion tonight is the doctrine of the Trinity. Doctor Indubitable, would you please explain the concept of the Trinity for us?"

"I would be glad to Mr Nullifidian. The Trinity is the very core and foundation of the Christian faith. Belief in the Trinity, the personification of the Holy Spirit, and the deity of Christ is essential to conversion, therefore eternal life, and it is what separates the true church from those we call the cults."

"That is very interesting Doctor Indubitable, however doesn't that fly in the face of Isaiah forty four where God said He is one god and there is no other?"

"Not at all Mr Nullifidian. You have seen a clover no doubt. You may have observed that the clover is made up of three or four leaves, but the clover is still only one. This is true of the Trinity as well. There are three, but yet there is one."

"I see. Thank you for that explanation Doctor Indubitable. We will now turn our microphone over to our radio listeners. I have on the line a Mr Jones from Alaska. Mr Jones, would you ask your question of our guest?"

"Yeah, and thanks for takin' my call. I been tryin' fer weeks to catch you guys. Hey Doc. I heared you say a guy has got to believe in that there Trinity thing to be saved. Hey. Where you find that in the Bible? I ain't been able to find nothin' like that nowheres."

"I'm not surprised that you were unable to find the Trinity in your Bible, Mr Jones, since the word trinity is not used. However the concept of the Trinity is given many times throughout the Bible and the reality of it unmistakable."

"Yeah yeah. If you says so. But I wants to ask you a question. If'n I done gived you a twig from a sumac tree what has three leaves on it, like that there example you gived 'bout the clover. I gived you but three leaves, but that there sumac has got a whole bunch more just like it hanging all over it. Got the picture Doc? As I reads it, Adam was called a son a' God, the angels is called sons a' God, even Satan his self is called a son a' God. An' as I reads it, we is called sons a' God. Maybe there be millions of sons a' God. But that ain't my question. I done asked you where it says we's got to believe in this here Trinity thing to be saved. Can you tell me that Doc?"

"You see Mr Jones, what you are looking for is not expressed specifically in the Bible. There are certain things that have to be taken on faith, and by faith alone. If we question every aspect of our salvation, then we detract from the clearly defined notion of salvation by faith. Do you understand what I have said Mr Jones?"

"Yeah Doc, like I understands a politician come November. I see in the Bible where Jesus said we gots to believe in Him to be saved. I see where He said we gots to follow Him to be saved. I see where He said we gots to give up everything an' be His disciple to go to heaven. What I don't see is all you been talkin' about having to do with being saved. I don't see Him sayin' that I gots to believe He is no God. Fact a' the matter is I sees where He takes great pains to keep from sayin' that at all. An' I don't see where He nor any a' his Disciples says nothin' about havin' to believe in no Holy Spirit bein' a person to be saved. What I do see lots a' times is Jesus sayin' we gots to work to be saved. I sees where the Apostles says we has gots t' work hard to be saved. An' I see lots a' places what says we is goin' to have that work judged when it's all over with. But you says not to work. An' you says we gots to believe in somethin' Jesus nor nobody else ever told us about t' be saved. You says one thing, an' the Bible done says somethin' else. I just gots one thing to ask you Doc."

"Yes Mr Jones, what would you like to ask me?"

"I'd just like to know how you sleeps at night?"

24Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that heareth my word, and believeth on him that sent me, hath everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation; but is passed from death unto life. (John 5:)




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