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Busybody Reports


And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.

"Hi-de-ho everybody. This is Michael Jay Busybody in the magnificent home of Reverend Doctor Solomon Pundit, author, poet, philosopher and minister of one of the largest churches in the nation. Reverend, or should I call you Doctor Pundit, you are world renown as one of the wisest men who ever lived. It is my understanding that in your yet to be released book you're going to share with us the secret to your wisdom. Is what I hear correct?"

"You are indeed correct Mr Busybody, and you may call me whatever gives you the most comfort. As you are well aware I'm nearing the close of a long and fruitful life, and I don't wish to take the secret of my success to the grave. I believe it should be shared, and not with only one or two people, but with the world."

"That is certainly a magnanimous attitude to take I must say. I don't recall many people who have been so concerned with the welfare of others or the concept that may be held of them. Tell me Dr Pundit, if it were in my power to become a wise man, what must I do?"

"In order to be seen as a wise person there are three things that must be remembered. If you keep at least one of these three rules at the forefront of your mind at all times, you will be seen as a wise person."

"You say I will be seen as a wise person. Was the use of the word seen a mere figure of speech? Or are you telling me that what you're about to divulge to me will cause others to see me as wise while still remaining detached from such an accomplishment?"

"I see minor details do not slip by you so easily Mr Busybody. Very good. And you are correct. There's a way of having an appearance of being wise while knowing nothing, which is all I or anyone else can pass on to another person. Wisdom itself must be had by either natural or Spiritual means, not learned in a book."

"I believe I see what you mean Dr Pundit. Then will you tell me the first of the methods of appearing wise?"

"Ask me a question Mr Busybody, a question you consider to be difficult to answer."

"Um, a question. Ok Dr Pundit, considering the theory that states creation began with a big bang, that is, an explosion of one large planet. Where did that one big planet come from?.... You're offering me a knowing smile as if to say you know the answer to my question, but you're tell me nothing. Are you going to answer my question Dr Pundit?"

"I've given you my answer Mr Busybody. Do you wish to inquire further?"

"No Dr Pundit, I feel foolish enough already as if I asked you a question that anyone who has given thought to the question should know. I'd be embarrassed to pursue the question any farther."

"Exactly so Mr Busybody. Now for the second method I again request that you ask me a difficult question."

"Another question? How about this, is Jesus the one and only savior of the world? That is to say, are there other incarnations of God other than Jesus?"

"A very good question Mr Busybody. And now I ask you your opinion. Is Jesus the one and only incarnation of God the world has seen?"

"In my opinion Dr Pundit, Jesus is the only incarnation of God. But that's just my own uneducated view of the matter. Now to you sir, what is your opinion on the subject?"

"You are exactly right Mr Busybody. I would agree with you totally."

"You agree with me Dr Pundit? I'm surprised. Then, if I read you correctly, by my agreeing with you that makes me wise since I see things in the same way as one of the wisest men in the world. That does indeed give boost to my ego."

"Precisely Mr Busybody. Everyone, regardless of what they say, believes they are right on every subject. If they believed they were wrong, then they would seek the truth and be willing to change their mind when new evidence is presented. Since each of us feel we already know the answer to any given question, anyone who disagrees with us has to be wrong, and therefore not wise."

"I see. I hadn't considered that aspect before, but I can see how it might apply. And for your third method of creating the illusion of wisdom. Will you divulge that final secret?"

"Certainly Mr Busybody. Again, ask me a question."

"Another question. Ok Dr Pundit, it's my understanding that the ark Noah built couldn't possibly have held all the animals in the world, along with the feed with which to keep them nourished. Would you tell me how he was able to accomplish this feat?"

"Another excellent question Mr Busybody, and one exceptionally simple to answer. You see, if you take the square root of the hypotenuse and add it to the sum of the tangent of the cubic total of the quantification factor as given in the description of the ark, you will find that there was ample space in the ark to accommodate twice the number of animals aboard. Add to this the fact that lepidopteran and troglodyte creatures are capable of somnambulism, you can readily see that the Biblical account of the flood is not only feasible but reasonable. I'm sure you, as well as anyone but a fool can readily see the logic in my presentation of the matter."

"I must say Dr Pundit, I'm aghast. You make it all sound so easy, and you're so confident in your reasoning. How can I possibly argue with your conclusions? But to tell you the truth I didn't understand a word you said. Of course that comes from my own lack of advanced education and has nothing to do with the eloquent manner in which you expressed yourself."

"Your assessment of the matter is typical Mr Busybody. Who would wish to contradict a person who has a reputation of being wise? To contradict such a one is to demonstrate one's own ignorance. And who would wish to do such a thing? The fact of the matter, this third method of exhibiting wisdom is to answer with gobbledygook, that is, a bunch of nonsense words that no one can understand, nor would they admit their lack of understanding as you have done."

"Well Dr Pundit, this has indeed been a most informative interview. Then as I take it, being wise is not the true aim of those who seek to become seen as a wise man, but rather it's the appearance of being wise that's to be sought. Thank you for your time and for your honesty sir. And with that I will conclude this interview."

12Seest thou a man wise in his own conceit? there is more hope of a fool than of him. (Prov 16:)

11A fool uttereth all his mind: but a wise man keepeth it in till afterwards. (Prov 29:)

35But wisdom is justified of all her children. (Luke 7:) [Or expressed in the vernacular: "Wisdom is as wisdom does."]




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