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Doctrine in dialogue format



Penelope Potter Ss.T


And a child shall lead them..

"Good morning children."


"Is everyone ready to begin their Sunday School lesson for today?"


"Very good. Then we will begin. Today's lesson is about Christmas. Yesterday we celebrated a very special day. Can anyone tell me what was so special about yesterday? Yes Tommy? What was special about yesterday to you?"

"It was Christmas Miss Potter. That's my favorite day except my birthday because I get lots of presents on those days."

"That is the reason most people like Christmas Tommy. Anyone else? Yes Betty?"

"My mommy said Christmas is the day Jesus was born. Is that true? I wonder how that happened?"

"Yes Betty, Christmas is the day Jesus was born. But what do you mean you wonder how that happened?"

"I mean out of all the days there are in a year, I wonder how Jesus could pick that one day to be born. He could have picked another day, like in the summer. That way He only has one day to get presents. I don't think I'd like that."

"No Betty, Jesus wasn't born on Christmas, I mean...."

"He wasn't Miss Potter? I thought you said...."

"No Jimmy, what I mean is there was no Christmas until Jesus was born. We call the day Jesus was born Christmas in order to celebrate the day of Jesus' birth. Do you understand now?"

"I think I do Miss Potter. But if there wasn't any Christmas before Jesus was born, what day did Santa Clause bring all the presents?"

"I don't think you understand Bobby. Santa Clause isn't real like Jesus is. He...."

"Yes he is Miss Potter. I sat on Santa's lap last year. He's real alright. Not his beard, that's not real. But he is. My mommy said so and she wouldn't lie to me."

"I see I'm getting over my head here. Let me back up a little ways. What I mean is... Yes Wanda? Do you have something to share?"

"Yes Miss Potter. I want to share with you what Santa brought me yesterday. See? It's my new doll. Isn't she pretty?"

"Yes Wanda, your doll is very pretty, but... Yes Willy?"

"Look what I got for Christmas. It's a new baseball mitt. I always wanted one like this, and now I got it. Boy, I can't wait for Little League to start. I'm going to knock 'm dead with this mitt."

"That's nothing Willy. Look what I got. I got a new wrist watch. And it's a special one that will go way up in a rocket ship and way down in the ocean and still work. Want to see it?"

"That's very nice children, but we're moving away from the true meaning of Christmas. You see, Christmas is not for receiving presents. Christmas is the day God gave us the greatest present He could possibly give us. We see in......"

"Miss Potter?"

"Yes Wanda, what do you want to say?"

"I thought Jesus got presents on His birthday. Didn't the shepherds give Him some sheep and the kinglike people on big camels give Him gold and things like that? Isn't that why Santa brings us presents because Jesus got presents, and He was just a little kid then?"

"That's not why Wanda. It's because when Jesus grew up He turned into Santa Clause and moved to the North Pole and....."

"Children! Children! Let's not argue about Christmas. Christmas is not a time for receiving, it's a time for...."

"I know Miss Potter. Christmas is a time for eating ham and good things like that. And for people to get together and talk and things. Isn't it Miss Potter?"

"I got a new computer Miss Potter. I like my computer because it plays games and things like that. What did you get Jasmine? Did you get a doll like Wanda did?"

"No, I didn't get a doll. No, not a doll."

"Not a doll? What did you get then? I got this mitt. Do you want to try on my mitt?"

"No, no doll. Miss Potter? Can Benny and me go home now? I don't feel so good."

"You want to leave now Jasmine? Is it your tummy? Why don't you feel good? We won't be much longer. Can you wait?"

"I guess so Miss Potter. But I don't feel so good. But I'll wait if you want me to."

"Miss Potter?"

"Yes Benny? Are you feeling bad too?"

"Un huh. But what I wanted to tell you is why Jasmine doesn't feel good."

"You be quiet Benny! Don't you say anything or else I'll tell!"

"What's wrong Benny? You can talk to us. We're not going to hurt you. Isn't that right children?"

"Yes Miss Potter. Come on Jasmine, you can tell us. What's the matter?"

"Miss Potter?"

"Yes Benny?"

"It's just that we didn't have Christmas yesterday because...."

"I'm going to tell! Miss Potter. I really want to go home. Please. I really do!"

"Why didn't you have a Christmas yesterday Benny?"

"Because our car doesn't have a chimney Miss Potter, and Santa didn't have a way to get presents to us. That's what my mommy told us kids. That's why."

"Now you gone and done it Benny. You're going to be in big trouble when you get home. Biiiiig trouble!"

"Miss Potter? We don't have a chimney in our house, but Santa got our presents to us. Why didn't....?"

"Jasmine, we understand now, at least I do. Is it all right if I explain to the children what's happening with you so they will understand? I won't say anything unless you tell me it's ok."

"Oh, I guess so. It's all over now anyways. But we're going to be in big trouble when we get home."

"Children, Jasmine and Benny's parents do not have a home at present because their father was laid off his job. They can't afford a home. So they park on the street and they live in their car. I know it's hard for you to understand...."

"Hey! That's cool! I wish I could live in my car. I like camping and things like that. Is it like camping? Can I come stay with you for a while do you think?"

"My daddy didn't have a job for a while, but we didn't have a car. We had to live in an old tent in the woods. It was fun for a while, but not when it rained because the tent had holes in it. And we all had to sleep all crunched up together. But I like that because we all got to be close together. Now my mommy and daddy won't let me get in bed with them. I kind of wish we were back in the tent, kinda."

"I, I don't understand. I thought everyone would think bad of us because we don't live like everybody else. That's what other kids and grownups do."

"Oh, don't listen to those ol' people Jasmine. They're not Christians you know. We're all Christians here, and we don't act like bad people do. Do we Miss Potter?"

"I'm proud to say you don't. Yes, I'm very proud."

"Jasmine. Here. Take this. I got my other doll. I don't need any new doll. I love my old doll better anyway. Take this. Ok?"

"But, But you said...."

"Benny, do you play baseball? I mean, do you like to play baseball?"

"Yes, kinda I do, but....."

"Then here. Here's my baseball glove. I got it kind of broke in for you. It's kind of big on you now, but you'll grow up and it'll fit you good."

"Here Jasmine. I don't need no new watch. I don't go up in rockets anyway."

"I got a baseball and a bat I can give you too Benny. I'll bring it next Sunday. Is that ok Miss Potter? Can I bring my baseball and bat next Sunday?"

"Yes, I'm very proud. I see you children know what Christmas is about."

"Miss Potter? You know what? I just thought of something. The kings gave Jesus presents, and the sheep people gave Jesus presents, but God gave us a present too. He gave us Jesus. Isn't that right Miss Potter?"




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