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Andy's New Car

For The Love of Becky (3 chapters so far)

Where's Arnold (very short story)

Mason Jars (another very short story)

The God Maker (3 chapters so far)

The Key (1st chapter so far)

Monster Island Jamaica (1st chapter only so far)

Shagnasty: Aiming for the Bottom (8 chapters completed)

Metamorphosis (complete novel being redone)

Crybaby (complete novel being redone)

Blood Brothers 2010 (3 misc chapter attempts.)

Succeed at Failure

Raising Papa

The First Hundred Years Are The Hardest


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Comments & Critiques

Links to all the unfinished stories are listed above. Some of these links go to other directories that index stories applicable to it. All unfinished stories and studies are not listed here. I have about 150 others that are either near completion or are merely starts.

Some of the stories here are either starts, or works in progress. Not all of these stories are part of the Blood Brothers series, nor are all on Tumbleweed Island. Below are the stories specific to Tumbleweed:


Andy's New Car

Some stories are placed on the island, but are not part of the Blood Brothers series. Examples of these are:

The God Make
Mason Jars
Where's Arnold

Then there are still others that, although they are not pertinent to the island, they either pass through, or end up on the island. Examples of these are:

Shagnasty; Aiming for the Bottom
For the Love of Becky

Different stories have different voices and tone. It is difficult for me to write these different type stories without getting crossed up in my mood for the stories. I know it can't be any easier for you. Besides, when I write these stories it might be years beween and during that time my writing skills have grown and changed. As I reread what I have written I want to change it all to fit what I now know. I can't do that, of course; not and have time to write anything new. So some failings I just have to let pass for the time being. Tumbleweed